Feb 25, 2012

Nov 6, 2011

Another Day in Japan

We were taking portraits in the park, and this couple was having their Bridal Portraits taken. Their photographers asked if they could borrow our kids for their pictures. Logan said he was too nervous, but after some coaxing, they both agreed. The photographers were telling them "say superhero!!" I already know this is going to be one of my favorite memories of Japan! When we were done, the group gave the boys apples and chocolates and thanked them for their help! 

Jul 1, 2011

Pacific Getaway

Great trip to Oahu after a non-stop year in Japan. This was our second trip to the island (first for Ry and Cadence). But, we did a few new things like watch the Polo matches near North Shore, spend some time on Hickam and Bellows AFB, and grab some famous Matsumoto's shave ice! The boys loved the beach and could not get enough of the surf and sand. Can't wait to do it again!!
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Dec 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Maroon Family!

This year, we decided not to send Christmas cards because we still aren't very good at it...so why start now!? Instead, we hope you enjoy a holiday greeting from our sponsors: The Maroon brothers. Please take a moment to reflect on the true reason for the season while we wish you a very cozy winter celebration this year. -Brandon, Shelley, Logan, and Rylan.